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Water Connections

Water-in and water-out connections of the cooling water.

The unit can be used by connecting the water in and out connections to a cold water supply and a drain or can be used using the Opticlimate water cooler to cool the water in a closed loop. (connections and discription of a water cooler setup need to be obtained in the water cooler manual. Only the setup using a cold water supply and a drain are discribed in this manual.

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The unit has a water inlet and outlet. The inlet needs to be connected to a cold water supply (max 25°C) with a solenoid valve installed at the beginning of the piping going to the Opticlimate water-in connection. In case of a waterleak the valve will close. Mounting the valve at the end of the piping (near the Opticlimate) is pointless. (always check the flow direction arrow on the valve!). Make sure that the black magnetic coil of the solenoid valve is positioned upwards (preferred) or to the side. If it is positioned
downwards, condensate from the cold valve might enter the coil. Make sure that the solenoid valve is installed at a fxed point that is
always easily accessible to the user.

A strainer should be placed in the water inlet. This strainer prevents blockage in the heat exchanger inside the unit. It is recommended to insulate the cold water supply line in order to prevent condensation build-up. The upper water connection is the water-outlet. The water-outlet can be connected directly to the drain (sewer). Alternatively, the warm water can be used for heating purposes. The water is aprox 35°C- 40°C.

The water flow (water usage) is automatic regulated by an electronic flow regulator inside the unit.

When you use and alternative cold water supply such as a well or water from a river , leak or pond, make sure the water is filtered and clean the heat exchanger on regulare base. Contact tech support for more information regarding cleaning the heat exchanger.