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Connecting the Smart Remote Controller


Connect the power supply and USB connector from the remote cable to the Smart Remote controller.


At the back of the Smart Remote Controller you find the USB, HDMI, Ethernet and power supply connections.

Connect the RJ45 side of the remote control cable to the RJ45 plug at the left upper corner of the circuit board (see image)

Powering up the unit

  1. Power on the Smart Remote Controller
  2. Power on the Opticlimate by switching on the power supply.
  3. Open the water supply.

After powering up the Opticlimate, the unit will first initialize, this can take a few minutes. All valves and sensor are tested prior to startup. The remote controller cannot be operated during initializing of the Opticlimate. After powering up the Smart remote controller, the remote will first initialize, this can take a few minutes. You will see several screens pop-up and close again, this is normal.

The unit is now installed and ready to use