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Condensation Water

Discharge of the condensation water

The unit will dehumidify the air during cooling and in dehumidify mode. The moisture extracted from the air is collected in the condensation pan. The condensation pan has an ¾ drain pipe where the condensate will run off. The condensate can be used as irrigation water. The cooling block has been modified to prevent metals or oxides from entering the condensate water.

The location of the drain pan is on the negative pressure side of the unit, meaning that air can enter into the unit through the condensation drain, It’s highly recommended to use a “P-trap” on the condensation outlet to prevent air entering the unit and to prevent condensate run-off problems. Not using a p trap also results in loss of capacity and bypassing non processed air.

If the unit is installed at the same level or lower than the drain or sewer, a condensation lift pump can collect the water. This small lift pump pumps the water through a hose of 9mm to a height of 4 metres into the drain or collecting tank. Stronger pumps are also available.