The carbon filters remove odours and mould spores from the air. One replacement set contains three filters (set for 12 weeks). Advice to change filter every 4 weeks. The filters are available in:


The plenum box is an insulated case that can be installed on the back of the OptiClimate. With a plenum box it is possible to place the OptiClimate outside the room or to use the Dual Room System with a three-way valve. The plenum box comes with four perforated holes that can be used to secure the air hose.


The three-way valve is used with the Dual Room System. Using the Dual Room System, only one OptiClimate will be required to cool two rooms. To use the Dual Room System, you will need to order an additional temperature sensor. When used with the three-way valve, the night-time heating and dehumidifying function is cancelled. There are two types of three-way valve available:

• 3-wegklep 250mm for OptiClimate 3500 & 6000
• 3-wegklep 355mm for OptiClimate 10000 & 15000


These springs isolate vibrations by 98%. They can be used when it has to be extra quiet. Especially recommended for wood floors. The vibration isolator springs (packed per 4) are available for the following systems:
• OptiClimate 2000 & 3500 PRO
• OptiClimate 6000 PRO
• OptiClimate 10000 PRO
• OptiClimate 15000 PRO