Quiet airconditioner


Till max 80% Water + 47% energy savings

Quiet airconditioner developed by OptiClimate

Do you need a quiet airconditioner? Have you been searching for the most quiet airconditioner available? You have reached the right place, as the OptiClimate is just that! We have developed the OptiClimate over the years into becoming the quietest system available on relatively low power consumption. Our OptiClimate is an innovative climate control system, where the ideal indoor climate is realized all year round. We do this by creating the most optimal distribution of air in the space, thus creating an even temperature.


  • The perfect climate control all year round
  • Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, circulating and filtering air in 1 device
  • light cell; when it is light, the cooling mode is automatically activated and when it is dark, the heating/dehumidification mode.
  • You only enter the day and night temperature and the OptiClimate does the rest, it couldn’t be simpler.
  • The most silent system
  • Relatively low power consumption
  • Dehumidification possible during day and nightAdjustable cooling capacity
  • Built-in dust and carbon filter
  • Ceramic heating
  • Built-in temperature and water leakage protection
  • Clear extended remote control
  • SMS alarm in case of malfunctions possible
  • Fireproof!
  • Pre-Heat function
  • Slow Cooldown function
  • Alarm log function
  • dual-room operation; cool 2 rooms with 1 OptiClimate
  • Fan can be placed in 2 different positions with PRO3 (non-inverter)
  • Invisible to work away


We can truly state that only OptiClimate has developed the true, quiet solution for indoor climate control, because it has the unique possibility to cool, heat, dehumidify, filter and circulate air at the same time.


We produce the OptiClimate at our own company, and therefore we are able to optimize your climate control completely. We make sure the OptiClimate uses as little energy as possible.

Quiet, safe and easy to use airconditioner 

Not only is the OptiClimate the quietest airconditioner you can find, it is also safe and very easy to use. The unit comes with a built-in dust and carbon filter, so no unpleasant odors occur and allergies are being fought off. It also has a built-in temperature and water leakage protection. To make things easy, we include a clear comprehensive remote control. The system is fireproof because of the steel casing and should a malfunction occur, then you receive an SMS alert. Furthermore, the unit has a light sensor for automatic switching between the day and the night program. The only thing you have to do is to enter the day and night temperatures and the OptiClimate performs the climate control. Can’t be easier! Dehumidification is important when opting for the perfect climate control,  and so the dehumidification is possible during the day, the night or continuously. The cooling options are adjustable at any time. Several functions as pre-heat, slow cool down, alarm log and dual room function, with which you can cool two rooms with one OptiClimate, are available. The quiet airconditioner can be placed completely out of sight. There are three ways to operate the quiet airconditioner. The water-cooled OptiClimate has a water inlet and outlet and it cools the air by using water as the cooling medium. It warms up by using ceramic heating elements. The water cooler is also an option, cooling the hot water produced by the OptiClimate system. This is a closed system without evaporation, where the water cooler cools by transferring heat from a liquid to colder ambient air. The unit must be placed outside, but as the unit is quiet, this will not raise any problems. The air-cooled OptiClimate works in the same way as the water-cooled OptiClimate, using air to cool and instead of water.

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