Quiet airconditioners


Tot max 80% Water + 47% energiebesparing

OptiClimate delivers quiet airconditioners

Are you looking into purchasing airconditioners and you want them to be quiet airconditioners? Do you need quiet airconditioners, because you don’t want to be disrupted by noise all the time? OptiClimate is proud to state to have the quietest airconditioner among the quiet airconditioners on the market! We are convinced that the best airconditioner is not the one that cools or heats the fastest, but which airconditioner does that quietly. While working, sleeping or with just regular activities during the day, it is unpleasant to be disturbed by noise. Quiet airconditioners are therefore important! OptiClimate advises you about quiet airconditioners, as it matters where the climate control systems will be placed. The size of the rooms determines the size of the quiet airconditioners. We help you decide which size of the quiet airconditoners is most suitable for you! We have developed an efficient and fully optimized product. We strongly believe that our quiet airconditioners are the only real solution, because they have the unique property of being able to heat or cool, dehumidify, filter and circulate air simultaneously. The outside temperatures, whether very hot or extremely cold, have no affect on the perfect functioning of the quiet airconditioners. You have the advantage of an even temperature and thus a comfortable interior climate throughout the year. 


  • De perfecte klimaatbeheersing het hele jaar door
  • Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, circulating and filtering air in 1 device
  • light cell; when it is light, the cooling mode is automatically activated and when it is dark, the heating/dehumidification mode.
  • You only enter the day and night temperature and the OptiClimate does the rest, it couldn’t be simpler.
  • The most silent system
  • Relatively low power consumption
  • Dehumidification possible during day and nightAdjustable cooling capacity
  • Ingebouwd stof- en koolstoffilter
  • Keramische verwarming
  • Built-in temperature and water leakage protection
  • Clear extended remote control
  • SMS alarm in case of malfunctions possible
  • Fireproof!
  • Pre-Heat function
  • Slow Cooldown function
  • 'Alarm log' functie
  • dual-room operation; cool 2 rooms with 1 OptiClimate
  • Fan can be placed in 2 different positions with PRO3 (non-inverter)
  • Invisible to work away


Quiet airconditioners are easy to use! The only thing asked of you is to enter the day and night temperatures and the system does the rest. It could not be simpler. They also have a light sensor for automatic switching between the day and night program. The quiet airconditioners are also safe to use, as they are fireproof! Dehumidification is an important part when it comes to quiet airconditioners. The air is automatically dehumidified because of condensation on the heat exchanger when the airconditioners are cooling. When there is little heat in the air, a regular airconditioner will reach the preferred temperature quickly and then stops cooling.


But then the dehumidification also stops, which does not happen with the OptiClimate. It keeps dehumidifying after the programmed temperature is reached. Quiet airconditioners therefore, don’t create humidity, thus getting rid of moisture in your home. Moisture can cause mold, rot, rust or nasty odors, leading possibly to allergens and dust mites. The OptiClimate has a built-in dust and carbon filter. Dehumidifying during day, night or continuously is possible.

Quiet airconditioners on little energy

You may think quiet airconditioners will use a lot of energy, but on the contrary: they consume as little energy as possible. Heating is done with a ceramic heating elements. With the included clear comprehensive remote controls you can choose the pre-heat function, slow cool-down function and alarm log function. With the dual room function option it is possible to cool two rooms with only one OptiClimate. The fan of the PRO3 can be placed in two different positions (not the Inverter). The cooling options are adjustable. You can add a built-in temperature and water leakage protection. In case of malfunctions, you will receive an SMS alert. For the quiet airconditioners from OptiClimate, you do not need an external unit, which is a great bonus when you want to place them in an historic building. We can also place the quiet airconditioners on any type of vessel. 

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